Postponed: Teach-In on History of State and Police Repression of Anti-Imperialist Movements in the United States

Sponsored by the Coalition for Police Transparency and Accountability

Back cover, The Black Panther, January 23, 1971
Back cover, The Black Panther, January 23, 1971 – Emory Douglas

Teach-in has been postponed.

SESSION ONE: Objectives and Outline of the Teach-In

Atty. Mark Fancher, Dr. Gloria House, Rodd Monts, Shushanna Shakur, Mike Shane, Prof. Charles Simmons

This teach-in, hosted by the Coalition for Police Transparency and Accountability, promotes continuity in intergenerational struggles for human rights, dignity, and justice that are targets for politically and racially motivated state and police repression. The many thousands of contemporary activists who protest the perpetual pandemic of police violence and who, themselves have become targets of abusive policing, have predecessors who were also the focus of not only brutality by local police, but also a federal counter-intelligence program (COINTELPRO) that fostered demoralizing harassment, wrongful imprisonment and assassination of key activists. While this teach-in examines the programmatic objectives of historical organizations and movements for justice, the emphasis is on the responses of these groups to the state and police repression they encountered. The objective is to provide today’s activists with access to lessons learned by their predecessors so that they will be better prepared to address their own experiences with state-sponsored police violence and government retaliation.

SESSION TWO: Civil Rights, Labor and Anti-War Movements

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Land and Cultures

GOAL and UHURU                                                       Prof. Charles Simmons

Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee           Dr. Gloria Aneb House

League of Revolutionary Black Workers                      Hon. Adam Shakur

Anti-Vietnam War Movement and GI Movement        Frank Joyce and Darnell Summers

SESSION THREE: Revolutionary Black Nationalist and Pan-African Movements

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Land and Cultures

Anti-Imperialism, Resistance and Self-Determination              Abayomi Azikiwe

Black Panther Party                                                                   Blair Anderson

Congress of African People, Republic of New Africa,

Shrine of the Black Madonna, and Nation of Islam                 Dr. Michael Pili Simanga

All African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party                                  Atty. Mark Fancher

Surveillance from COINTELPRO to the Present                        Rodd Monts

SESSION FOUR: Women, LGBTQ, Disability and Environmental Rights

The Disability Movement:  Historical Analysis        Tameka Citchen Spruce

The Environmental Movement                                Speaker to Be Announced.

The LBGTQ Movement                                             Dr. Shea Howell

SESSION FIVE: Student Struggles and People of Color Resistance Movements in the U.S.

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Land and Cultures

Video documentaries of these movements, followed by discussion.

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